Learn How to Rivet

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It it super fun and easy to rivet and once you learn you will be looking all over your house for things to rivet and you won’t want to stop. Below are instructions on riveting. Want to learn how to make this beautiful butterfly ring? Join this blog for a future tutorial.


Hole Punch:  There are a couple different metal hole punchers on the market like the pliers punch above. or the 2 hole punch which is the one I use. This two hole punch has a 1/16″ size on one end and 3/32″ punch on the other.








chassing hammer


Hammer and Block

Tools needed:

  • Punch or drill

  • wire cutters

  • rubber block (I don’t use one)

  • Steel bench block

  • Rivets

  • ball peen or chasing

  • washer, bead cap or spacers

To Rivet:

1. Simply punch or drill a 1.6mm hole into your pieces, slide the rivet through both pieces.

2. Cut excess length off the rivet end to about 1/16″.

3. Lay your pieces on a hard surface, preferably a rubber block and a steel bench block, with the nail head facing down and the rivet end slightly protruding.

4. Lightly tap, using a ball peen or chasing hammer, the rivet end so it spreads out slightly over the hole opening. Gradually increase the intensity of the hammer taps until both pieces are secure.

TIP* You can rivet varying sized holes as long as you have a washer or a flattened bead cap.

Use a 1/4″ rivet for simple layered pieces and a 1/2″ for higher stacked layers.

These rivets can be found in my Etsy shop at bulkfindings101.

The possibilities are endless!

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